Faktor Fx

Maintain and Regenerate Maximum Muscle Force with Faktor-Fx

Athletes, competitors, and fitness enthusiast from all disciplines, and at all levels, understand that generating maximum muscle force is an essential element of athletic success; however, as most athletes also know, muscle performance declines with repeated bouts of exercise — a phenomenon known as prolonged low frequency force depression. These "depressions" in force output typically last from several hours to a few days (~72 hours) with effects even more pronounced after high volume, repetitive exercise. Basically, when pushed to their conditioned limit, muscles are unable to contract with any meaningful force.

The main culprit in this force reduction is a depletion of calcium concentrations in the muscle contraction complex. As muscular work is performed, calcium supplies in the muscle fibers begin to diminish. This reduction in calcium supply is responsible for weakened muscular force and a reduction in overall performance. Your body is an elegant machine with mechanisms to restore this calcium balance, but as the muscular work progresses, as in repeated exercise, the molecular byproducts from the essential energy production in the mitochondria actually disturb calcium concentrations until fatigue and/or muscular failure set-in.

Muscle cells work by detecting a flow of electrical impulses from the brain through a release of calcium. Without this critical calcium supply, muscles are incapable of contracting, so it is no surprise that in order produce meaningful and productive muscular force during exercise, supplies of both ATP, the energy currency of the cell, and calcium must remain readily available. At lower intensities of repeated exercise, ATP supplies are not significantly diminished, as ATP is restored rather rapidly, but as exercise continues, the availability of calcium at the site of active force production progressively diminishes. The graphs above illustrate this effect:

As muscle contractions are stimulated over time, the resulting reduction of available calcium is directly responsible for weakened muscular output and a loss in athletic performance.

In the world of sport and athletics, the ability to recover quicker and more completely — whether from training or competition — is an integral element in optimal performance and success. The ability to work harder with more frequency, and with the same or greater strength, creates a fertile environment where PRs are shattered, body composition improves, and all-around performance is optimized.

FAKTOR-Fx Recovery is specifically formulated to help restore critical calcium concentrations in the muscle fibers, thereby delivering, maintaining, and regenerating meaningful force in hardworking muscles, sparking rapid recovery, and promoting quicker recuperation between workouts.†