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As a competitive athlete it’s a sure bet you’ve seen or even used nutritional supplements that claim faster recovery from intense training or competition. We’d like to offer you the same, but our new product…

Faktor-Fx Is Not a Recovery Product

We’ve been in the performance supplement business for years, and like most of you we’ve tried nearly every combination of protein, carb and amino acid supplement or drink created that claims to; boost recovery and get you back in the game faster. While the names are different, we believe very few, do very much.

A New Kind of Performance Supplement

Our Chief Scientist, Dr. A. Scott Connelly, Inventor of MET-Rx and the original PROGENEX Recovery formula, started by looking deeper into the research of how muscles get fatigued, and how they regain their ability to forcefully contract. The most recent science led Dr. Connelly to investigate how calcium builds up with repeated muscle contractions, to directly reduce the voltage connection that powers muscle force.

Not Recovery, Muscle Force Regeneration

The result is Faktor-Fx, and so far the athletes (and us) that have used it are pretty amazed at how we can train several days in a row without a break in performance. We hope you experience that too. So, we want to give you free trial samples of Faktor-Fx to use during your training week so we can get your personal feedback.

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Be Strong!