Dr. Connelly

Dr. Scott Connelly has devoted his life to the science of nutrition and fitness, and is considered around the world as a leading expert in the field of human nutrition and metabolism. A summa cum laude graduate in neuro-physiology from Boston University, Dr. Connelly has distinguished his career in anesthesiology, internal medicine, intensive care and cardiovascular medicine.

During his internship and residency at Harvard Medical School's prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Connelly began working with critically ill intensive care patients. In order to help his patients maintain their health, he began researching and formulating products to help prevent the loss of muscle mass. What he learned about the effects of nutrients and exercise on human metabolism, body composition, disease prevention and immune system function, however, would soon have more far reaching impact. While continuing his research as a Senior Fellow in intensive care medicine at Stanford University, Dr. Connelly created a high quality protein formulation, which he trademarked Metamyosyn. This became the key ingredient in MET-Rx, the high protein low-fat vitamin and mineral enriched drink mix he went on to invent.

The MET-Rx formulation took Dr. Connelly over twenty years to develop, and is currently being issued as standard nutritional protocol in Harvard Medical Schools Brigham and Women's Burn Care Trauma Unit and Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital. A study published in the Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation revealed that MET-Rx doubled the weight gain of severe burn patients over Ensure and Sustacal protein supplements. In turn, increased strength, mobility, and wound healing reduced hospital stays by as much as 30%.

First and foremost, Dr. Connelly is a physician whose goal is to improve the quality of life through superior nutrition for both the healthiest and sickest people. Dr. Connelly's work is respected by health care providers, top athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Expanding his involvement in public health, Dr. Connelly is the namesake of UCLA's Connelly Laboratory for Applied Nutritional Sciences at the UCLA School of Medicine, Division of Clinical Nutrition. He is also a visiting professor at UCLA's School of Medicine with teaching responsibilities in the area of the physiology of nutrition and muscle metabolism.